Sunday slim-down fail, post-Christmas enchantment.

Well here it is Sunday again. And I didn’t weigh myself. Aside from the fact that I ate approximately 17 latkes with sour cream, 3 pounds of brisket, and precisely .75 cardamom cookies for each resident of the United States, I am not going to post a slim-down post because I didn’t weigh myself at my normal time. I woke up, and latkes with fried eggs on top were calling my name. DSC_0938Oh man that was a delicious breakfast. And since I left the sour cream at my mom’s last night, we used cream cheese. Almost as good as the real thing.

But this brings me to my tip for the day. Be consistent when you’re weighing yourself. I always weigh myself first thing in the morning, after peeing, and naked. That way I’m getting a consistent result. If I normally weigh myself first thing and then one week do an after-breakfast weigh, or an evening weigh, the results will be crazy. Your weight can fluctuate by multiple pounds during the day, so just do yourself a favor and be consistent, no matter what time of day it is or what you’ve eaten or what you’re wearing.

And to throw you off the scent of my failure to weigh in, here are some photos from our Christmas eve and Christmas celebrations.this watering can is delicious Hit gift of the year: watering can.

baby attack Danielle on Baby duty.

baby attack (2) Opa and the babies.

baby fight Baby fight #1

dad_what about me You took away my babies!

Eliza standing Rosie Standing.

eliza toys Rosie & the watering can!

Eliza_santas coming Aw HELL naw. where’s my can?

family xmas eve The can returns.

i do it myself I do it myself.

opa Opa and more baby pics.

opa babies And some more.

presents me too Gimme those presents, baby.

santa came! Back off, these presents are mine.

x tummy Rosie having tummy time.

x brisketMama made brisket. It’s being swallowed by tomatoes and wine and veggies, but it’s in there somewhere.

x control Control freak.

x cooking Here I asked the mountain man to take a picture of me and Danielle peeling veggies for the brisket and latkes. When I looked at my photos later I noticed that there was a photo of vegetables and boobs. Well played, Mountain Man. Well played.

x dan & ellAhhhhh, young love. I think they were fighting over the cardamom cookies.

x doggy Goggy.

x game of global dominationThe game of global domination.

x hailey babiesAunt Hailey with her favorite niece.

x happy  Happy baby, happy auntie.

x kick ell The Pie likes to kick uncle Oddie in the face.

x latkes Fixin’ to make latkes.

x must be this tall  You must be this tall to give me presents.

x no likey Baby no likey.

x patty cakePatty cake with Opa and the Pie.

x skeptical babySkeptical baby is skeptical.

x sleepy sleepy All wrapped up like a present.

x smile bbyYou mean all these presents are for ME?!?

x baby chickenBaby fight #2.

x baby tradeTrading players.

x happy daddyBaby fight #3. Opa and Oddie like it better than the babies…

x this is not over One of the outtakes from the family photo shoot. The babies agree to a re-match. This is not over.

x newman famTake #473. Everyone agrees that whatever it looks like, it’s the one.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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