Sunday slim-down #3

Hello dear friends! We’re two weeks into my public parting of ways with tubbiness. I’m unfortunately not reporting a loss, but a 0.2 pound gain. Revision! I was checking my numbers from last week, and I didn’t gain, I maintained! That’s even better. I can maintain weight, but not memory. So onward! It happens. Up and down and up and down, with the downs (hopefully) greater than the ups. And sometimes the ups are on weeks when we don’t necessarily expect them. I thought I did pretty well! But alas, here we are.

So here is a weight-loss related thought. It’s something I’ve struggled with, over and over through this long battle with my bulge. 

Let it go to waste, or let it go to waist?

Boy oh boy,  leftovers throw me a curve ball. I hate wasting food. With a passion. I’m a card-carrying member of the Clean Plate Club. I get mad when Logan scrapes the remnants of dinner into the trash can instead of into a container. I swear, wasting food was in the Commandments somewhere.

I’ll collect all the little spoonfuls of food and put them in containers to have as my lunch the next day. But I’ve had to work hard to break the habit of eating those last couple of bites of food that don’t fit easily into the container. Do I dirty a whole new container for just a couple bites of food? Is it really that big a deal to toss out a bite or two? Or to I just eat it, to avoid letting it go to waste?

So I developed my strategy of making lunches or snacks out of bites. A bite of this, a bite of that, put away in the fridge in my little pyrex containers. With holiday leftovers and special foods though, it’s a little more of a trick question. Special meals at home, at holiday dinners, and winter parties. Special food is everywhere! It is so hard to pass up special food.

Of course I won’t stuff the extra bites in my face as I’m putting food away, (uh, usually) and of course I’ll save every last bit I can. But since the special meal consists of special foods, which are higher in fat and calories than I would normally prepare for myself, even eating them as lunch can pose a problem.

This week we thankfully did not have a lot of “special” leftovers. But it’s something I need to keep in mind through the special food season.  I may be a plate licker, but you don’t have proof.

I will continue to try to not waste or waist my food, which can be a challenge. But with bites for lunch I can usually make it work.


And now for my household slim-down for today! I have books. I don’t remember buying these books, but I can’t imagine who I might have borrowed them from, and since I have a to-read stack as long as my arm, it’s time to let them go. Throwing away books is a mortal sin, (along with wasting food) so it’s hard for me to even move them from their spots collecting dust on my bookshelf. But I’m not going to read them any time soon.


And some books I’ve read already and don’t want to keep, or meant to read, were given to me and never used, or bought for some other purpose… in any event, we’re parting ways.

DSC_1050 DSC_1047 DSC_1048

Farewell, dear books. Someone will love you.

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