(Saturday) Sunday slim-down & a major event in the life of Mama

I was antsy to weigh myself this morning, so I did. I told myself if it was good I would take the weight for the week. If it wasn’t good I would work at it again today and see what tomorrow brings. But today I was down 1.2 pounds! Yay. I wasn’t sure what this week would bring, because I ate some of those wonderful molasses spice cookies I made, as well as some cherry chocolate soy ice cream. Oh man those cookies are good.

So I guess my weight loss tip for this week is cookies. Eat the cookies. But if you’re going to eat the cookies, eat the best ones around. Not the cookies that come in crinkly packages or the “soft baked” discs of sugar and chemicals from the grocery store bakery, but the real deal. Make ones you love but only eat a couple. If I try to only eat a couple of the less-good cookies, I find myself not satisfied. It didn’t scratch the cookie itch. My cookie experience didn’t meet the Platonic Ideal of a cookie. It wasn’t the perfect cookie – so to try to scratch that cookie itch, to try to satisfy my taste memory of the perfect cookie, I eat more. And then suddenly that crinkly bag is empty.

So make or buy the cookies that will satisfy you. Eat one or two and be done with it. Put them away, move on.

Check this out. I was going to find a nice picture to put in here, because you need a nice picture. I already posted a picture of the molasses cookies, so I thought I would google “platonic ideal cookie” and see what came up. And I got this.

And this picture, from the Teipei Times, of the Platonic Ideal of an ice cream cookie:taipei cookie

Apparently I’m not the first person who has every made the connection between cookies & Plato.

mmmmmmmmm cookies Plato.


A major event in the life of this Mama.

Drumroll, please.

I went out, without the Pie. Alone. By myself. No one was with me.

I went to Walgreens.

But I made it count, dammit.

I turned the stereo up and pumped out the jams.

Ok it was Neko Case, but still.

This was major.

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