Popcorn with hippie dust

My dear friend Katherine introduced me to my favorite snack. I am not vegan, but this vegan treat is one that makes me weak in the knees.

First, I pop some popcorn. It works best if you use the mountain man’s favorite pot, the very pot he’s asked you 47 times to not pop popcorn in. So once you’ve acquired the World’s Best Popcorn Popping Pot, put some olive oil in it to cover the bottom of the pan. And a splash more. Now pour some kernels in there, that don’t cover the bottom completely. Pop the corn on medium-high heat until you don’t hear popping anymore. Then dump the kernels into a clean paper grocery bag.

Measure out this much salt:DSC_1068 And dump it on the corn. Add more or less salt depending on what you like.

Fold the top of the bag over and shake it up. Get that salt everywhere.

Then measure out this much nutritional yeast (aka hippie dust). Vegans eat it because it’s a good source of protein. Non-vegans eat it because it’s delicious. Measure out more or less, depending on how much you like it. (You can always add more at the end of the process.) You can get nutritional yeast at natural food stores or in the bulk section of some grocery stores. DSC_1069 Dump it in the bag, fold and shake.

Measure out this much garlic powder. Or more, or less. DSC_1070 Dump it into the bag.

The measure out this much cayenne. Or more, or… well you get it. Here’s a secret that isn’t apparent in the pictures. The yeast & garlic powder are using soup spoons, the cayenne is using a smaller spoon. Dump it into the bag.DSC_1071Fold the bag & shake.

Dump the popcorn into a big ol’ bowl.DSC_1074

Pour yourself a tall jar of water.DSC_1079

And try not to eat the whole thing.DSC_1075

And the best part is, it’s pretty much dirt cheap. And if I’m not there, it feeds a crowd. If I am there it will feed me. You may get a few pity bites, since you made it.

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