Over the bridge and into the woods

Yesterday the Pie and I went out to Kingston to visit my good friend CJ, who just had a baby.

It was an adventure drive for us. I hardly ever go on long drives (other than Seattle) without the mountain man.

While we were driving, I saw this sweet little guy waiting to cross the street to go to school. He was alone at the corner, which made me kind of sad. He looked so young! He stood back from the intersection though, and waited for the light to change, and then he looked both ways and crossed. And he waved at cars the whole time. What a sweet little guy.DSC_0441

Then we got onto the bridge. I like this bridge, although I always imagine the car flipping over the edge, falling hundreds of feet into the icy sound and me being unable to get the Pie out of the carseat. I need to stop thinking.DSC_0442

After we made it over the bridge, we headed around the peninsula through Bremerton, where the naval base is. The USS Nimitz was there, just parked in the water. It’s amazing to see a huge piece of metal, all engineering and science and military might, sharp corners and hard edges, floating on smooth water. I tried to take a picture as I drove past, but of course I couldn’t look through the viewfinder, aim and focus, so this is what I got. DSC_0443Some day we’re going to look back on this time and be amazed that we ever let people drive cars. You can’t trust people to drive! They talk on the phone, text, fiddle with their radios, and take pictures! It’s going to be like now, when we think “I can’t believe we used to let barbers operate on people!”

So here’s what it looks like. This picture was probably taken by someone who wasn’t driving.Nimitz 

Here’s a shot of the pie sleeping all slumped over. I saw her like this and reached behind me to push her head back against the seat. Twice. She kept flopping herself back into this position. So I decided to take a picture. I shot into my rear-view mirror, and this is what I got. DSC_0448 

Once we got toward Kingston it got pretty. With rolling hills of grassy ranches. DSC_0452 

And houses with train cars parked in the backyard. DSC_0454 

And there are cool street names. You can tell that people let their kids choose the names, back when the county was paving the roads and letting the locals name them.

There’s Babydoll Lane, Mary Lou Lane, Art Place, and Ladybug Lane. And there was Barber Cutoff. I know that it was probably named by or for the Barber family, and it was a Cutoff road, but it made me laugh SO HARD because that’s what barbers do! They cut off!

And then, you round a corner, and see something like this:DSC_0455 

And then you turn, and you get to drive down this street:DSC_0456 

And finally you arrive!DSC_0457 

And you get to visit with the sweetest little guy.DSC_0459 

Enough of this awake stuff. It’s not for babies.DSC_0460

Snuggling, however, is for babies.DSC_0461 

And there was a little kitten cat.DSC_0462 

Oh yeah, and a cute little babe.DSC_0470 




We drove home through pouring rain, got home and made a delicious stew for the mountain man.

We sat in front of the Christmas tree, and decided to fancy up the Pie’s mullet.DSC_0231 We’re fancy now.

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