The one about cramel, play dough, nerds & my mom

Happy Hanukkah! I hope love and light fills your lives.

My tv-free day went pretty well yesterday. I did watch a show streamed online, but not watching anything was not the point for me. For me, it was about not turning the TV on and leaving it on all day long and having the constant distraction. Win! I think I’m gonna do it again today. I’m working on day 3 without having the TV on during the day. It’s not so bad. And I got a lot accomplished.

In all my un-distracted time yesterday, I was a whirlwind of productivity. I called to check in on our mortgage application and made the lady reviewing our application laugh. That’s got to be good for at least a 0.2% decrease in interest rates, right? Right? Please, mortgage lady. I can make you laugh again.

I also called about the copy of Pie’s birth certificate that we thought we’d ordered but never received, started a super slow-cook dinner, called my ISP to update my expired credit card, did some volunteer work, called a friend to wish her a happy birthday, called another friend to welcome her son who was born on Monday, talked with my aunt who has a farm in Illinois, made plans to go to a birthday party for one-year-old twin boys, and made yogurt & play dough!

DSC_1151 I think the play dough turned out pretty awesome. And as a note to anyone wanting to make play dough: if you’re using food coloring and spill some on the counter, don’t bother with that nice natural cleaner. Break out the dusty old bottle of 409 crammed in the back of the cabinet under the sink and spray the dickens out of that stain.

I’ve been looking for something for my mountain man for Hanukkah/Christmas. The first thing I wanted to get is out of stock, and I don’t know when it will be available. I should be getting an email if it’s back in stock, but I’ve been looking for other things. He wants a pasta maker and a book about expert software debugging. He’s such a nerd. Although that’s pretty much what I ordered! (The man, not the book and pasta maker) My sweet, nerdy mountain man. I could always just make him something super special, like my idea for a snickerdoodle cake – but I was going to save that for his birthday. I don’t feel like we really need gifts this year, but I still like to give him something. And I guess if I give him a pasta maker, it’s really like giving him a gift that’s really a gift for me that’s really a gift for him…

And. The best thing yet. Wait for it.

My friend Betsy is making cramel. It’s just like caramel, but as her boyfriend says, all he can do is cram more and more of it into his mouth. Cramel. She’s selling it at the Punk Rock Flea Market this Saturday, so if you’re in Seattle you should seriously go buy some cramel. She sold out in like 4 hours last year.

What’s more punk rock than selling homemade cramel with flavors like Earl Grey and Lavender at a flea market? Betsy, I love you. And I need my cramel.

I also had a (forced) breakthrough in my quest to be more open. It’s something I’ve been trying to do, and one of the points of this blog. I want the people I know and love to know me better, and I need to practice sharing more.

Yesterday, my mom found my blog. It wasn’t a secret, but I hadn’t told her about it. So of course the first think I did was panic. Did I write anything I don’t want my mom to see? I don’t think so. Oh no what if I did? OK I don’t think so. Breathe.

Hi mom. Want some cramel?

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