A nap routine & babywearing update

I was out with my Pie yesterday, running errands and trying to wear her down for a nap. While we were poking around the bookstore, an employee came up to me and asked me if the wrap was safe – and it sounded more like concern for the baby (i.e. I may not be taking her wellbeing into consideration) than curiosity about the mechanics of the wrap. When the wrap is on, it can seem like it’s just one piece of fabric over the baby’s bum holding her in a semi-sitting position. The wrap is one piece of fabric, but it’s wrapped around my body a couple times creating a little seat for Babe, along with the piece of fabric that people see pulled over her back – which is actually not essential but does add a little more security. We almost always use the extra-safe piece, especially because she’s a wiggly little worm these days.

Yes, the wrap is safe. My babe isn’t going anywhere. I can even bend over without her moving - as long as her arms are tucked in, that is! If her arms escape, she could wriggle free if I bent over. In any event, wraps, slings, baby carriers are 100% safe for baby to be in if they’re used correctly!

And look what I found. Oh boy.


Naptime Debacle

We’ve been having trouble with naps during the day. When my Pie is in the wrap she’ll sleep for a good while – but I honestly don’t really pay close attention to her naps when we’re wearing the wrap because I don’t put her down, and she just kind of drifts off to sleep. I’ll look down and she’s out. But now that she’s getting bigger, it’s a little more difficult to really do chores in the wrap, so I’ve been trying to get her to nap in the swing. I wear her or hold her until she’s asleep, and once I think she’s really out I’ll transfer her to the swing. I know about putting babies’ feet down first, then their bum, and their head last, so they don’t get that flipped upside-down feeling that will wake them up while they’re being put down. But even if she settles into the swing, she’s up within minutes. It’s making me crazy!

Someone suggested that I create a naptime routine. Seriously? I had never, ever thought of that! A routine for naptime – not just making due with what’s going on when she’s tired, but a real live routine. We have one for bed, that is loosely based on time, and we can try one for naps too. I imagine a routine works best if it is also loosely based on nap times.

I was sharing this little piece of information with my mountain man, and he went a step further. My mountain man suggested that I just replicate the nighttime routing at nap times twice a day. A diaper change in a dim room, getting in the big bed, a swaddle, a feeding and a story and off she goes. Brilliant! It’s already built in – she knows that that sequence of events means sleepy time. I think I’ll try it this afternoon and see if I can get her to play along. And then I can either nap with her, get up and get some chores done, or do some reading while she rests.

Sometimes my mountain man surprises me. Hopefully this will work. I remember fondly those days when she would nap for 2 hours at a stretch. It’s amazing what can get accomplished in 2 hours. Maybe I’ll even get to take a shower this week.

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