Mountain Man’s Pasta

The mountain man got a pasta machine for Christmas! We couldn’t wait to try it out.

We started with 2 cups of flour and two eggs. Pretty easy, right?egg well

And we mixed it together. Because we were using whole-wheat AP flour we had to add some warm water to get it to a good malleable consistency. Good thing we had some warm still in the kettle!pasta mixing

While we mixed the pasta dough, the Baby Pie found her toes. toe lock

And she learned the double toe lock. double fist toes

And Mama started the sauce, made from some leftover Christmas brisket & the tomato-wine sauce.brisket sauce

After letting the dough rest for a few minutes, the mountain man started running it through. papa pasta

After running it through the machine it looked like this. We let it rest again before cutting it.resting pasta

While the dough rested, daddy and the Pie played. daddy cuteness

daddy handsdaddy time

And daddy proclaimed the Pie to be the World’s Cutest Baby. “And smart, too!” said Mama.worlds cutest baby

Next we ran the dough through the cutter.daddy hands (2)

And it made a pretty pile.pasta pile

Then we dried it for a few minutes before popping it in the water.resting

While we waited for the pasta to dry, the big tall daddy told us tales of his great adventures making pasta in the old country.big daddy 

The finished product: perfect pasta deliciousness. DSC_1040 

And for dessert, the mountain man and I shared some of the tart, sweet, creamy and fantastic cheesecake with almond-lemon-blackberry topping.DSC_1047



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