Mountain Man’s Nog, Loganism of the Week & Sunday slim-down #2

Hi this is the Mountain Man.  I like nog and so should you.  Here are several easy steps that will result in a quality nog.DSC_0006Ask your wife to separate 4 eggs.

DSC_0010Put about 1/3 cup sugar in a bowl with the egg yellows.

DSC_0011Beat it up.

DSC_0033Add the nutmeg.  Freshly ground is the only way to go.  

DSC_0015 Beat the egg whites into a stiff foam.

DSC_0016 It takes a while.

DSC_0024 Still beating.

DSC_0037 In the meantime add 2 cups of whole milk and 1 cup of cream to the yellows, sugar and nutmeg mixture.

DSC_0083“Guys Im not so sure about this.  Those eggs are raw!”

DSC_0045Keep whipping.


DSC_0047 Whip some more.  Notice the interesting foam.  I think that’s why Megan took so many pictures.

DSC_0050 Whip whip whip.

DSC_0063Pie’s control center.  T minus 2 minutes to nog.

DSC_0064 Whip it good.

DSC_0065 Whip.

DSC_0072 This really does take forever.

DSC_0075 It looked a lot smoother before.  Dump the whipped egg whites into the beaten yellows.  Stir around until it looks drinkable.

DSC_0085Put it in a glass.  Or if you have it, a nog - a small wooden cup.  Brandy optional but not recommended.  You should enjoy the pure taste of nog without adulterants.

(Mama uses adulterants)


Loganism of the Week!

We had some good ones this week, but I didn’t write them down. There was something about being “over the whole pants thing” and wanting to wear overalls. Then there was something about the cat and the Pie. And my Mountain Man came up with the name for my new business. I’m not gonna say it, because it’s mine. (Except Danielle has seen it.)

And then, late last night, this gem…

Speaking of holding our noses, do you want to have sex?”

 feet(Disclaimer: those are not my feet. My feet are wide and stumpy. I haven’t had a pedicure since my wedding, and even then I seriously considered not getting one. A friend, who knew I was wearing open-toed shoes, convinced me to go for it.)


I’ll repeat.

Speaking of holding our noses, do you want to have sex?”

Yeah. He said that. Out loud.

*Slightly squirmy about saying that we have sex publicly. Oh that sounded bad. Not public sex, publicly talking about sex. I should have said “publicly saying that we have sex”. That sounds better. Whew. But you all know we did, at least that once. Maybe this is a good segue into an honest conversation about postpartum sex. Or about sex and co-sleeping. Maybe another time. Hi mom. Hi Logan’s mom.*

But yeah, wha?

Should I be insulted? “Speaking of a stink so unbearable that you have to physically block your nasal cavity, shall we be romantic tonight?”

Should I be flattered? “Your sexiness is beyond compare. Even the stankiest stink cannot deter me.”

Your bet, dear friends, is as good as mine. We did go to bed after that statement, but I’m still not really sure what that was all about. And now I can’t remember why we were talking about holding our noses, either. Although I’m pretty sure I wasn’t talking about holding my nose.

Aaaaaah, my sweet, romantical mountain man. He always knows just what to say to a girl.


Sunday Slim-Down #2

This week was an unexpected success for me. I didn’t really change much besides try to re-incorporate lots of veggies (which worked most nights) and be conscious of what I was putting in my body. That’s all. And I lost a pound! I had a beer on Thursday, and didn’t even exercise this week. And here’s another “mama’s not supposed to do that” confession. I haven’t exercised much at all since the Pie’s been with us. That’s been 4 months. We go on walks, but they’re not like exercise-y walks. They’re more like meanders. I haven’t done any yoga because my wrists are so painful right now from my baby tendonitis. I’ve been slacking.

So when I got on the scale this morning I was hoping to have maintained. Maybe lost a fraction of a pound. But it was a whole one! When I first stepped on the scale it read 1.4 pounds. I didn’t believe it, so I weighed again. And again, and again, until I got 3 reads in a row with the same weight. 1 pound it is!

I’m slimming my house down as well, getting rid of some more books and some old video games. I didn’t take pictures of them, but they’ll be donated.

On to next week’s challenge – to keep at it.

Have a lovely Sunday, we’re off to go on a hike with the Pie. No public sex.


  1. LMAO!!! Bahahahaha!! Omg, that was the most hilarious thing I've read in a long, long time! I love you both. You're the perfect couple :)

  2. Heh. Hi. Thanks. I'm kind of blushing, but really it's Logan who should be embarrassed, right? Oh boy. Thanks for reading my boudoir tales.


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