Housewife Confessions

Mama hates laundry.

I actually don’t mind doing laundry – I don’t mind the sorting, washing, drying, folding, and stacking according to where it will go. Mama’s clothes, the mountain man’s clothes, the baby Pie’s clothes, sheets and towels, diapers and placemats. I kind of enjoy the folding part. And the sorting. That part’s fun.

The putting away part though – mama’s not so good about that. I’ve always had a hard time with the putting away part, but now that I almost always have a baby in one arm it’s even harder to put the laundry away. Opening drawers, making space, nestling the clothes into their spot, then closing the drawer again. So, so hard with one hand.

So I put the clothes on top of the dresser, or leave them in the basket, or leave them on the couch until I have two hands free to put the stuff away. And there they sit, for days.

DSC_0437The mountain man has a tall dresser. His clothes get stacked on top.

 DSC_0339 The baby’s clothes sat on the couch for a while, waiting to get into the little white dresser.

DSC_0433 Some things air dry, on the stair rail. And they sit there until I need them.

DSC_0434 Some things sit in the basket, and we pull things out as needed.

DSC_0435And the baby Pie’s dresser, piled high with clothes.

Mama does not like that last step. But when I don’t put the clothes away right away, we end up with ugly ugly piles of clothes, teetering and tottering as we pull a shirt or pants out of the middle of the pile.

This is embarrassing. The piles are multiplying, and I think they’re doing it even when I’m not getting any laundry done.

Mama has no clothes stacked up because mama has no clean clothes. Off to load the machine.

If we didn’t have an automatic washing machine my family would wear disposable clothing.

You think I’m kidding.


  1. Not to discourage you but we haven't put clothes away regularly since Cora was born 3-1/2 years ago! I still can't figure out what is so hard about it, but for some reason this household of 4 can't get it together to do it. The couch is the family favorite spot for all clothes. Missing something? Look between the cushions!

  2. We plan to convert our very large basement (which is adjacent to the laundry room) into a family closet....... hey, it already is, with clean clothes piles everywhere, let's just make it official!
    did you read my blog post called "Champion"? all about laundry...

  3. I like the idea of a family closet (or clothes couch...) because we're pretty much doing that anyhow. Daddy digs through his pile of clothes to get dressed in the morning, baby is dressed with whatever is on top of the pile, and Mama runs naked into the living room to get dressed from the couch pile. And we never hung curtains in the living room, so all those people paying huge monthly fees to golf on the private course right behind our house are getting a little bonus. Or punishment, depending on if they're into tubby, unshowered 30-year-olds with mom pooches.

  4. Have you seen Idiocracy? I'm sure you could get a box of Flatterin brand disposable t-shirts from one of the internet geekery shops.

  5. I never have seen it - and I'm confused. Maybe I should check it out and I'll understand?


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