Christmas confession

I have never seen It’s a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Story. I am serious.

I decided that I am going to watch them this year. I’m running out of time.

I watched A Christmas Story earlier this week. I don’t get it. Maybe it’s because I’m not a boy. Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up in the 50s. There were some funny parts, but I just don’t get it. Why do people love that movie?

Maybe it’s because I never saw it as a kid.Best classic Christmas movies ever

So I’ll try watching It’s a Wonderful Life. And we’ll see how I feel about that one. I bought it a few years ago, because it was on sale and I’d never seen it, and I think it’s still in a box somewhere, probably still in the cellophane.

And in the interest of full disclosure, I love Love Actually. I watch it at Christmas and Valentines Day. And I cry every time.

Are there other holiday movies I need to watch? Favorites? Campy, sentimental, hilarious or otherwise, I’ll give them a shot.

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