Awesomest morning ever, breastfeeding hack, these diapers are making me sad.

Ok, so maybe it’s not the awesomest morning EVER, but it is the awesomest morning in a while. At least so far this week. Maybe even so far this month.

I checked the mail, and inside…

Were my little trading cards for this blog!

DSC_0185I can’t wait to see you, so I can give you one!

And one of the books I bought to start working toward a certification as a postpartum Doula.

DSC_0190 And yes, that is super rad 1970’s linoleum.

I am so excited about this. I can’t wait to find time to read, and I can’t wait for the classes. I’ve talked with a few friends about it to get their take/advice. I called a lactation consultant to schedule a time to meet with her to talk about lactation support in the early weeks. I’m trying to collect resources for new moms. Do you know of a resources/organizations for new moms? Maybe one that you used and loved? One a friend used? One you know about now, and wish you had known about then? If you know of something, leave it in the comments please! I need your knowledge.


Breastfeeding Hack

I’ve been thinking about my funny little breastfeeding hack. I don’t know if it’s something that is suggested to new moms or not, I just kind of figured it out from necessity. When my little Pie was born, my milk came in like you wouldn’t believe. It came in all over the place. It came in fast & furious. My little Pie couldn’t keep up. She’d suck, choke, and frantically pull off to recover, only to get shot in the face with milk.

So I got used to her pulling off, with a little smacking sound, for a breather. Then when she caught up with my supply, she started pulling off again – but I couldn’t figure out why.

Was she needing a break?

Was she done?

Had she emptied that breast?

Was she wanting to comfort suck, but couldn’t because milk was coming out?

I soon realized that I could answer at least one of those questions really easily. And getting that answer made it easier to figure everything else out!

I would try to express a little milk by hand. If I got nothing, I would switch her to the other side, and let her try again there.

If I could hand express even a drop of milk, I knew that there was still milk to be had. So that most likely meant she was either full, or just needed a break. I would let her sit for a while, and then offer her some more. If she sucked for a second  and pulled off again, without fussing or fighting it too much, she was just done. Commence playing.

If she sucked for a second after going back on the breast, and pulled off again but was fussing, she probably was wanting to suck, but just didn’t want the milk. Hello, finger or paci.

And I’m not a gigantic, huge fan of pacifiers. For us, it was a necessary evil, because my babe has a super strong urge to suck, and she is almost never able to comfort suck at the breast. The milk just doesn’t stop. I don’t think she has ever emptied a breast, even at the most voracious feedings.

So if your babe is like mine and pulls off the breast all the time, and if it’s a mystery, try out the hand-expression hack. See if that helps you figure out what she needs. And rest assured, if you figure out what she needs at this feeding it will be something completely different at the next!


These diapers are making me sad.


They’re so big. These should be for older babies. Like 6-year-olds. Not my little 4-month-old Pie.

But here’s the problem – the little ones are too little, and every poo is a ‘nami.

And the big ones are too big, so every poo is a ‘nami again.

I’m getting really, really tired of poonamis.

We’ve had some good ones. Think knees to nipples. All the way around. I don’t know if any diaper could contain those.

But still, the diapers are really making me sad. I’m not ready to have to hold such big diapers in my hands, and to strap them around my Pie. I pick up the small diapers, and caress them, hold them to my cheek, and wish she could still wear them like a normal 4-month-old.

I’m usually pretty boastful about my Pie’s size. She’s healthy! She’s tall! She’s growing “like weed on fertilizer”, as her pediatrician said. But right now her status as a giant  hurts.

She takes after her daddy, my mountain man, who is as big as the mountains he loves. She’s going to have a hard time when she’s bigger than all the boys in elementary school. She’ll hate being “unable” to wear heels to a dance in high school, for fear of towering over her date.

One day she’ll embrace her height and realize all the benefits it offers her. Things that her Mama will never know.

Like being able to reach high things. And spot people in a crowd. Or see the stage at an outdoor concert. Or breath the fresh air, that I know is fresher, sweeter - if your mouth is more than 5 feet off the ground. She’ll never go to a shoe sale to find all the size 8s out of stock. She’ll always be able to carry a really large purse without looking like a doofus. She won’t have to shorten all of her clothes.

All of these benefits and more will come to her because she’ll be tall. But right now these giant diapers are making me sad.

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