The arrival.

It was the best day ever. OK, maybe not ever. But this is shaping up to be one badass week. Today, I received what I’ve been waiting for.

It came in the mail.DSC_0212 

Oh. OH! I ran for the scissors, and this is what i found inside that plain white box. DSC_0213

My special, hand-crafted sweets from my dear friend Betsy, who made the cramels I’ve been waiting for. They came from the Caramel Institute of Technology.DSC_0217

This photo is an accident, but it really expresses my elation. I was so excited to shoot this arrival, and so antsy to tear into the box that I grabbed my camera and started shooting. Without taking the Pie out of the wrap it can be really hard to take pictures. And this is what results when you just lift your camera and shoot. Pajama pants and all. I think that might be the back of the Pie’s head in the corner of the shot. But isn’t my table pretty? I told you I do everything in the wrap.DSC_0215

OK, here we go. I was serious about getting into that box. The sticker was cute and all, and the drawing did look just like my beautiful smiling Betsy, but it was really just in the way. Nothing stands between me and my salty, sweet, creamy, melted and re-hardened butter. DSC_0218 

Dearest readers, this is what I found inside one of the two boxes. 10 perfect, glorious, individually wrapped, stunning lumps of caramel.DSC_0214

They were all individually labeled: Earl Grey, Sea Salt, Vanilla, Ginger, Rosemary, and Cardamom. (I opted out of the lavender.) And they’re big. DSC_0227

I tore into that caramel like a lion into a gazelle. I did not take a picture though. You should probably thank me for that. Even if it is natural, a necessary part of life, we don’t all want to see it.

Oh Betsy, you’re an artist. That caramel was sweet, sticky, spicy, had just the right texture, and just melted in my mouth. And it melted  hardened my heart. I bought these as holiday gifts, but now I don’t know if I can give them up.

Oh, my sweet dear Betsy. Why do you do this to me?

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