TV-free Tuesday

Why Tuesday? Because it starts with a T, and I like alliteration. Why TV-free? Because it’s a challenge for me. I wake up in the morning, get my mountain man ready for work with his toast, tea, and yogurt; pull his lunch container out of the fridge, and turn on the TV to watch the news with my tea after he’s on the road. Then I clean up in the kitchen, putter around on the internet, clean something, take care of the Pie, make some lunch, fold some laundry, take care of the Pie, putter around on the internet, clean something else, make dinner.

I never said I turned off the TV. I didn’t. And I wasn’t even watching it most of the day. It was background noise some of the time, company for other parts of the day, and only occasionally entertainment. But not having the TV on seems… hollow. The room is so quiet and empty. There’s nothing to mindlessly look at, no connection to the outside world. And how will I fold laundry without TV? This is a serious question. What am I supposed to do, stare at the wall?


I read this article, and this one and thought “wow! that sounds like me.” The TV’s on and no one’s watching. Once I even came home from the grocery store to find the TV on. I was paying so little attention to it when I was home that I had left the house, not even realizing it was still on.

I grew up in a large, noisy family, and as much as I like my time alone, I don’t do well with silence. I could have NPR on all day (I listen to NPR when I’m driving) and that would give me some noise, and would actually be much more valuable noise. I used to have music on all day long instead of the TV. I could do that again.

I would still have to look at something when I’m folding laundry, though.

I’m not ready to kill my TV. I’m not a violent person. But the more I think about it, aside from local news, I don’t get much value from my TV. We don’t have cable, so I watch the shows I actually care about either on Netflix or streamed online. Maybe I can do this. For a day at least.

Yesterday I went the vast majority of the day without turning the TV on. In fact I didn’t turn it on – Logan did. I watched some stuff online, but the TV was off while I was home. It was good.

I don’t want my Pie being dependent on the TV, and she already has too much screen time with me on the TV/computer much of the day. I don’t like that she cranes her neck to see bright, flickering  lights coming from flat screens. I can do this, for one day. I’m sure I would get used to it after a few days, if I decided to keep going, and I could always still watch those few shows that I actually enjoy by streaming them online. I can live without the constant din and the visual distraction. I think.

And in the way of full disclosure, I was watching a streamed show online (one I actually enjoy) while I started writing this post last night.


In addition to tomorrow’s TV-less adventure, I’m still working on getting rid of things around the house that I don’t need. Today I am getting rid of a pair of Xtra Tuff boots.


I’ve been carting these around for years. I have a pair that I wore when I was in Alaska, and I don’t really remember how I ended up with this extra pair. They’re too big for me, and too small for Logan. They’re in great shape though, and I figured they would fit someone’s feet – and I know people with feet… so I kept them. Silly, right?

I’ll be posting these on Freecycle, and I’m sure someone’s feet are in desperate need of some boots.

I’m also getting rid of a suitcase. It’s been used a few times, and one of the zipper pulls came off. But it is still in useable shape. It was a good suitcase, but now Logan and I have matchy-matchy suitcases.

P1030413This one is going straight to Freecycle, since shipping a suitcase would require putting it in a box.  And that’s just silly.


So far no movement on the scale… I expect to see some progress every day, which is not a healthy expectation. But I still want to see something change. I’ve even jumped on the scale after a strenuous workout to see how much I lost. It doesn’t work that way. Stop it already.

So I need to find other methods of motivation to keep going, making healthy decisions every day, without seeing instant payoff. And just knowing I’m eating healthy food isn’t always enough. I’ll ponder this today, with the TV off. I might hide the remote from myself.

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  1. Okay, I gots lots to say about the NO TV thing: lots! First of all, Brava to you for doing this! I went TV-free for, oh, a decade (when i was young and stupid and 18 all the way until I was not-quite-so-young and still stupid and 28). It. Was. Liberating. Truly! You find you get so dependent on a black box plugged into the wall. How did I fill my days? I read (a LOT), socialized, talked on the phone, worked 3 jobs, shopped, baked cookies, worked out. You deserve to have yourself back. Keep it up! (full disclosure: we have a TV now, but I mostly watch my TiVo'd shows of TopChef, Project Runway, and HouseHunters--probably less than 3 hours per week)


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