DSC_0928 My little Pie in outfit #1, strapped into her seat and ready to brave the mountain passes.

DSC_0930 Through the fog.

DSC_0941 Over the ice

DSC_0977 Across the river

DSC_0984 Pie after poonami #1. We kicked daddy out of the truck so we could hose down, and apparently we were fogging the place up!

DSC_0989 Into Ellensburg

DSC_0991 Good morning, bright eyes

DSC_0997 Pie & Aunt Lucinda, outfit #2

DSC_1013 Jace & Logan making faces

DSC_1001 Pie & Nana, as poonami duex brewed.

DSC_1016 Pie (in outfit #3) & Papaw

DSC_1021 Heading home.

We had a great trip, fantastic food and wonderful company with Logan’s family. We snacked and ate and ran a load of laundry (after poonami #2). We drew names for Christmas, snuggled in bed, and woke up to eat some more. We drove back to Seattle (had poonami #3 on the way) and picked up my car – it had been parked on an icy hill since Monday’s storm, and not only was it there and not smashed, but I also got away without a parking ticket for violating the zone restriction!

It was so nice to pull my car into the driveway with Logan’s truck there waiting for me, and to come into the house just moments after Logan had turned on the heat. Uncle Bugg meowed a greeting as he raced to his dish, happy for his beloved wet food after enduring the torture of dry food for a day. Pie and I sat down for a little snack of milk and tea (respectively), and then meandered into the kitchen for leftovers. Now Pie is napping in my arms. Home.


  1. WOW! beautiful drive! i mean, it looks tricky with all the snow and weather, but... BAM! HOLY SHIT!

  2. it's a gorgeous drive, i love being in the mountains, even when we're just driving through. and although the pass gets super icy and tricky, it's better than seattle because they use plows & salt. check out the video of trying to drive in seattle:



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