Tell Mama About It

I decided to take the leap into blogging. I told Logan, who happily volunteered to hold the Pie so I could get things started. But I feel guilty because she's crying with him, and it's Friday night and he just wants to sit at his desk, have a beer and play some video games. I thought blogging would be a little self indulgent - and it's already proving to be so.

After a few minutes of listening to Logan trying to calm the Pie, I insisted that he bring her to me. I can usually settle her in under a minute. She's used to my arms, the curve of my neck, how I hold her. When she's coming down from crying and transitioning into fussing as she moves toward calm, there's a moment when she seems rational, aware, and communicative. Her bottom lip sticks out as she looks right at me and seems to be saying "OK I'm not mad anymore, but I was, and you need to know it." This is when I talk with her. "Tell Mama about it" I say, while assuring her it's OK, shushing and bouncing. And she tells me about it, as she settles and finally gives me a crooked smile as she falls asleep. Now that she's asleep I'm typing with one hand, holding her in the other. This is a little indulgent, but Pie told mama about it, and sleeps.

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