I have once again been sucked in by the glitz and glamour of the Moisture Festival. Since I’m not currently living in Seattle, I gave up my volunteer & contract positions of 6+ years. Yet somehow I’ve never been able to wrestle myself free of the feather boas, false eyelashes, juggling pins, and clown noses. In 2009 I worked as the Development Director, Benefit Coordinator and House Manager. In 2010, after moving south, I worked only as the Benefit Coordinator and as an in-house volunteer when I could haul my pregnant behind (and Logan) to the theater for family-friendly Vaudeville, music, acrobatics, and not-so-family-friendly Burlesque shows. Funny - he didn’t complain about his forced-volunteer shifts nearly so much on the Burlesque nights.

10. April MF pic

And now, as 2010 draws to a close, I have signed on to again work as the Benefit Coordinator. I wasn’t going to do it. With a baby, working part-time for the WA State PTA, and volunteering with Rain City Rock Camp for Girls I thought my plate was full. Then my friends and Moisture Festival organizers started calling. And emailing. And being at a baby shower. I couldn’t say no.

Kevin Joyce sings it best.

So I’ll be volunteering again with the festival that I’ve been with since 2004. Time for another spring of waking up with glitter and eyeliner smudged across my pillow. A spring of introducing the Pie to one of my passions, and maybe getting her started with those juggling lessons from one of the Flying Karamazov Brothers.

Do you know of a non-profit organization that would be interested in receiving funds from one of our benefit shows?


  1. You really are an inspiration!!!! I love that you are so committed to the things you love! Makes me want to get off my butt and do something too :)

  2. Kristen - I'm sure I'd be on my butt a lot more if I had two babes! (actually, I don't imagine you spend much time on your tush.) I spend plenty of time on my keister anyhow. On the couch, on my laptop, with Sylvie in one arm. I noticed yesterday when I was at the bank and she was craning her neck to see the computer monitor that I might spend a little too much time on my computer with her in tow...


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