Mama needs some pinot

Well, not really. It’s 8 in the morning. I think I can hold out for a couple hours. But I do want to tell you about a company that I absolutely love, founded by a third-generation-family-friend, that is making a difference.

Our grandparents became friends in their teens in Cleveland. Our parents became friends in California, and now the 7 grandkids of the two families are all friends, crossing 3 states. Michelle was my first friend and stood with me at my wedding. Her parents and grandparents are like a second set for me, and mine for her. Her siblings are a second set for me as well, and her brother started a company that shows the kind of family – generations of the kind of family – he was raised in.

One Hope Wine is a for-profit company that give away half of its proceeds every year. Yeah. Half. How many companies do you know that give away half of what they make? I know of one.

The wine is great, I’ve never had a bad bottle. Each California-grown varietal is tied to a specific charity, and the proceeds from that bottle go to that charity.

These wines make a fantastic gift, and you don’t have to know a thing about wine. I sure don’t. I know I prefer crisp whites and fruity reds, but I’m a member of the clean plate club, so I drink what’s in front of me. Even without knowing a thing about wine, these have always been a hit with my friends. They make a perfect gift for dinner parties, holidays, or for honoring friends.

A friend of mine who beat breast cancer got a bottle of the chardonnay, and a friend who is a cyclist and naturalist got the sauvignon blanc. After a friend was killed in the war, I sent his family a bottle of the zinfandel on the anniversary of his passing. The pinot noir benefits Children’s Hospitals, the merlot fights HIV/AIDS. The cabernet sauvignon fights Autism. Seriously, these wines do good.

One Hope is already in stores in AZ, CA, FL, GA, HI, IL, KY, NC, NM, OR, TN, and WA. They plan to expand, but you can also get these wonderful & affordable wines online. Did I mention they’re affordable? Most bottles are around $18.

Check out One Hope mentions here; apparently you can also enjoy a glass on American Airlines flights, or at Starwood Hotels in AZ.

If you’re going to buy wine, consider tracking down a bottle of One Hope. It’s gonna be good in your mouth and do good in the world. I love this company, I love my second “brother” for starting the company, and I love his family for raising the kind of guy who would give away half of his profits. You done good.

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