Loganism of the week

It’s a little early for another Loganism, but he gave me a doozy last night. I’m so afraid I’ll forget it, and it’s also exploding inside me so I have to share.

“I was thinking with my brain. That was my first mistake.”

We were talking about what he is going to eat while I’m away this weekend. Yes, he can cook all by himself, he’s a big boy. But I like to leave food for him so that when he gets home from work at 7 he doesn’t have to cook. And it’s a little piece of love I can leave him, in microwave-safe containers.

Anyhow we were talking about the food I was leaving for him, and it was right after dinner so he was full. When I’m full I can still think in the hypothetical about future meals. Logan cannot. He can’t think about food with his brain, and if his belly is full he can’t think with it.

He told me not to leave him any food. I reminded him that the last time he said that he ate plain noodles and  peanut butter from a spoon. Not the best dinner.

I think he’ll be happy he has some food in the fridge. And he won’t have to think with his brain for the whole weekend.

I won’t be blogging while I’m away, but I’m sure I’ll come back with plenty to say! Oh man. I’m not even going to say the thing about being a poet and not even knowing it. There I go, thinking with my brain.

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  1. "The way to a mans heart is his stomach" definitely applies and coming from a man who used to cook all the time, it is nice to have food ready to go when you get home. Thinking with brain is way overrated anyway!


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