haiku my heart


i never thought love

would be so sweet as dancing

with you at daybreak.


Today I’m taking part in haiku my heart Friday, after spending the night dancing with a crying baby. She can be torn apart in tears, fussing about nothing – or at least not anything I can figure out. I feed, I rock, I check her diaper. And still, she cries. And then, suddenly, silence, a smile, she nestles her face into my chin and falls asleep. Until the next time.


  1. welcome to haiku my heart!!!
    we are all delighted to have you join us.
    it has been a long time since i danced a baby to sleep...
    anyone with the name of Pie is already wrapped in my arms!
    wishing you both a long nights sleep.
    thank you for joining in.

  2. this is so beautiful...my baby is 27 years old and I would give anything to dance with him...he is serving his second deployment in Iraq this holiday season...DANCE ON

  3. Rebecca & Deb, thank you so much for visiting and leaving a note! Rebecca, thank you for allowing me to share a moment with you & your other readers. Deb, thank you for raising a son who is serving all of us. I wish him home to you, safe and well, very soon.

    We had another "dancing" night last night. It's really hard to be appreciative of those moments when all I want is to sleep for 30 un-interrupted minutes, but that smile before she falls asleep, telling me all is well, reminds me that there will soon enough be days when she won't want to be comforted by me.

    We'll see what tonight holds, and if nothing else, at least we share some special moments together.

  4. megan,
    your mother's heart is so beautiful and wise.
    my son is 19....i can remember him as your little
    Pie, and when i do it pierces my heart with a longing that cannot be explained.
    every moment, a new opportunity to love.

    may a welcome nights sleep be in the sweet mix!

  5. a mother's heart is
    big enough to comfort wee
    ones with huge voices

  6. the most beautiful of 'kuz... watchin the sunrise dancing with a fussy baby in your arms, now that's hard to beat.. blessings upon blessings to you and your family....

  7. Bless you and your little pie. Dance the night away and sleep during the day while she does. You will recall this time with love and tenderness later.
    Peace and Light,


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