What a wild couple of days we had. Logan, Pie and I went with Pie’s Oma & Opa and aunt Leah to the Picasso exhibit. Pie loved it! The bright colors, crazy shapes, boobs everywhere… on the paintings that is. Mom was walking around with Pie the whole time saying, in Pie voice, “that’s not where the nipple is supposed to be!”. Bloop.

DSC_0283 (Medium)

There was also a really cool piece that was made of dog tags. I got down on the floor in my dress and started shooting. Hopefully my unders didn’t show. Potential bloop.



I had to feed the Pie before we got into the Picasso exhibit, and Leah and Logan were a little bored waiting for us to finish.

DSC_0269 (Medium)

While we were at the museum, Pie decided that the load she had been carrying for a few days was ready to come out. I didn’t take a picture of that, but it was definitely remarkable, certainly abstract, and quite possibly art. It’s from her “mustard period”. Bloop. More like splatch, but we’ll go with bloop.

Then I lost my voice from the cold I’ve been fighting, which is pretty comical. I haven’t had laryngitis for a few years, and it’s always frustrating and hilarious at the same time. I sound like a pubescent boy imitating a drag queen in a library (hence the whisper voice). Hopefully the bank doesn’t call today about our mortgage application… Bloop.

Last night we had a big windstorm and the power went out, thankfully we were already heading toward bed so it wasn’t too bad. It would have been a shame if the power went out before I had dinner cooked! I would really be missing my old gas stove then. Bloop barely escaped!

This morning the power was back, but there were branches down in the yard, on the deck, in the driveway, and on the roof. This will be a big clean-up week, but I think it’s going to have to be me. I want to get everything off the roof before it rains again, because it will clog the gutters, but Logan doesn’t get home from work until after dark. And it might snow this weekend, so I really want to get it cleaned out before it’s freezing up there! I guess I’ll be getting up on the roof today or tomorrow. Certain Bloop.

And then there was an earthquake. It was small, but I felt it.

So I decided to gather some of the branches on the deck and take some photos of the Pie. Here are some bloops!

DSC_0413Mom, this is a dumb idea.

DSC_0472Baby does not like branches.

DSC_0396 Don’t worry, Pie. Nature makes Mama throw up, too.

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